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Finlandia Vodka


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about Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia vodka is a 100% Finnish product. It is made in Finland using local six-row barley – grown under the midnight sun – and glacial spring water. This continuous-stilled spirit is now distributed in 135 different countries around the world. The brand offers a wide portfolio of all-natural flavours to choose from as well as its unflavoured Classic, 101, and Platinum versions.


While the distillery that produced the brand was founded back in 1888, Finlandia was not established as a brand in 1970. It was the brainchild of Alko, which was the state-run alcoholic beverage company. The vodka produced quickly gained popularity and began to be exported internationally. In fact, Finlandia was the first Scandinavian vodka to be sold in the US.

Since then, this premium brand has only continued to grow in size and popularity, releasing its first flavoured vodkas in the 1990s. The company was eventually acquired by the Brown-Forman Corporation in 2000. Now offering a varied portfolio of products, this brand has even been popularized as the official vodka of James Bond!

Product Range

Finlandia Vodka is offered in a wide range of flavours with new flavours being released every couple of years. Available in pure, unflavoured forms as well, this portfolio has something for everyone.

Finlandia Classic is the original expression of Finlandia vodka. Made using barley and pure glacial water, this vodka is smooth, light, and dry.

Finlandia 101 is the stronger sibling of Finlandia Classic, weighing in at 50.5% alcohol per volume or 101 proof.

Finlandia Platinum is a limited edition, hand-produced in small batches with numbered bottles. The vodka is allowed to flow over a bed of birch wood chips which gives it flavour and smoothness.

The flavoured releases take Finlandia Classic and add the all-natural flavour of fresh fruit to create a crisp, and cool spirit. Among the flavours offered are cranberry, lime, mango, redberry (which includes lingonberry, cranberry, raspberry), grapefruit, blackcurrant, tangerine, raspberry, coconut, and Nordic berries (which includes lingonberries, cloudberries, and bilberries).

Other Relevant Information

The new Finlandia bottle was designed with the brand’s Nordic roots in mind. Since the water is drawn from a glacial spring, it makes sense for the brand to want to acknowledge its relationship to ice. For that reason, the bottle is meant to look like a cylinder of melting ice. This design not only provides a good grip when pouring, but it also looks great when on display in any bar.

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Location and other information

Finlandia Vodka
Finlandia Vodka
City: Helsinki (ZIP Code 00180)
Location: Finland
Country: Finland
Phone: 358 2072 00500