Finca La Estacada

Finca La Estacada

Carretera N-400, Km 103
Tarancón (ZIP Code 16400)
+34 969 32 71 88
+34 969 137 406

"On the way to the highlands of Cuenca, a small temple of wine is built. It is not this place to worship the god Bacchus but a new cellar of our time."

Finca LA ESTACADA was born in 2001, the result of the illusion of the Cantarero Rodríguez family, a surname with a long history in the world of wine, which since then has aimed to bring out the best in its vineyards, using its fruit to produce wines that stand out both for their good value for money and for their image. Some wines with their own name.

Our work philosophy is to reveal the quality profile of the wines of these lands, producing wines of great richness and quality in accordance with the high expectations of the current market.

All the winery's tools are of the latest generation with the clear aim of preserving the most absolute asepsis and further exploring the character of each of the varieties. Under the main building is the ageing shed with a capacity of 6,000 barrels.

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