Filliers Distillery

Filliers Distillery

Leernsesteenweg 3 B-9800
+32 (0)9 386 12 64

Filliers is an artisanal distillery located on the banks of the Lys River in the picturesque village of Bachte-Maria-Leerne in Belgium. It has been producing quality spirits since the eighteenth century.

A little bit of history

Filliers is one of the oldest artisanal distilleries in Belgium. It all started in 1792 when Karel Lodewijk Filliers decided to start distilling jenever.
Then, Firmin Filliers (1888-1965), the third generation of the family's Master Distillers, created the recipe of an original gin which today makes the reputation of the house.
Nowadays, the distillery produces, in addition to its gin, fruit jenever and jenever creams, and in 2007 it gave birth to Goldlys, the first Belgian whisky.

Quality products

Small-scale production in stills of limited capacity, from 500 to 1000 litres, allows Master Distillers to maintain the optimal quality of each drop of their distillate. The ingredients, mostly local, are always carefully selected. The Filliers Dry Gin 28, for example, one of the distillery's flagship products, is a premium handcrafted gin, the result of the infusion and distillation of 28 botanical species and which contains Belgian hops in particular.
Many of the distillery's products have received international awards.

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