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Vila Nova De Gaia (ZIP Code 4400)
Oporto, Guarda
(+35) 227 838 104
(+35) 227 833 719

Known since 1751 and established by a wine-growing family of the same name from the Douro, FERREIRA has for centuries been synonymous with high-quality Portuguese wine. FERREIRA'S history follows and is hard to distinguish from the history of the Douro Demarcated Region's evolution (set up in 1756) and of its ports and table wines.

The family patriarch - already the owner of vineyards subsequently included in the Douro Demarcated Region - started his commercial activity in the mid-18th century. However, the company's foundations for the future would stem from the actions of his grandsons, José Bernardo and António Bernardo, when they added considerably to the land they had inherited.

The marriage between his descendants, the cousins António Bernardo and Antónia Adelaide, would consolidate a unique heritage in the following generation and mark FERREIRA'S future in an indelible way.

Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira became a widow at the age of 33 and took charge of the company's business, which she consolidated and increased thanks to her enterprising spirit and charisma, still a reference today on how to "do well in Portugal". With an exceptional energy and a commercial acumen unrivalled in the Portuguese society of her time of which no other instance is known, she was able, in spite of the political troubles of the day, to give a great thrust to wine-growing in the Douro, setting up estates that are famous to this day, planting vineyards, building modern wine centres, opening up roads and paths in virtually desert areas, developing viticulture and oenology methods and making high-quality wines. At the same time she undertook remarkable social works and financed the building of hospitals, day-nurseries and schools, to such an extent that her memory is revered to this day. Her intelligence and kindness earned the warm admiration of her contemporaries, who nicknamed her "Ferreirinha" ("little Ferreira"). It is under this name - Casa Ferreirinha - that the company's Douro wines are traditionally sold in Portugal.

With her death the company became a partnership and a new stage of adjustment and expansion according to the requirements of the day got under way, with due regard to its essential values - the quality roots with unique estate assets in the Douro, supported by the best oenological methods and making excellent wines under a strong brand. These values have been with FERREIRA to the present day and were instrumental in the creation of wines such as the legendary Barca Velha in the 1950's.

In 1987, when acquiring the company of A.A. Ferreira S.A., Sogrape assumed its cultural and historical heritage: the co-ordination between production and trade, the understanding of tradition as a factor of modernity, the focus on quality as a mainstay of the brand's prestige.

Today, more than 250 years on, FERREIRA is "the Portuguese brand", the reference in high-quality ports and Douro wines, the symbol of a country and of a culture that it proudly dignifies.

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