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Elephant Gin

Elephant Gin

Rosenstrasse 3
Wittenburg (ZIP Code 19243)
040 46676729

The three founders, Robin, Tessa and Henry, got inspired to the idea of Elephant Gin by the pioneer spirit from the 19th century in Africa, when they themselves travelled around the large continent, aimin at adventurers and travellers of today. The brand's whole concept is based on a coherent frameworl, which focusses on nature and environment. Every year, over 35.000 elephants die because of uncontrolled ivory poaching. That's why Elephant dedicates 15% of its profit to organizations like "Big Life Foundation" and "Space for Elephants", which are fully commited to the animals' protection and preservation.

This London Dry Gin's artesanal creation, produced outside from Hamburg, is based on rare botanicals from Afrika and Europe. Also the bottles are manufactured, closed, decorated and packed. The company works in small batches, which leaves them time to name each one after past great elephants and tuskers that are currently being protected by the named organizations.

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