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Dr Loosen

Dr Loosen

Weingut Dr Loosen
St. Johannishof (ZIP Code 54470)
Bernskatel, Rheinland-Pfalz
(+49) 065 313 426
(+49) 065 314 248

What has impressed me most about the great wines of the world — aside from the immense pleasure of drinking them — is the deeply rooted, fiercely held philosophies of the people who create them. The great winemakers I have met invariably possess a clear concept in their minds — before the first grape is picked — of what their wines should be. It's a vision that places terroir over technology, and grape quality over quantity. Their wines are great because they share a dedication to producing intense, concentrated wines that proudly proclaim their heritage.

This is the level of winemaking that we pursue at our two estates: Dr. Loosen on the Mosel and J.L. Wolf in the Pfalz. Our goal is to make wines that are delicious to drink and true to their roots. When I drink a Riesling from a grand cru vineyard like Wehlener Sonnenuhr, I want to smell the blue slate soil that nourishes the fruit. I want to taste the depth of the old vines. I want to experience the character of the vintage. I want authenticity; without it, a wine is simply another beverage.

Of course, the measure of any great wine is not where it begins, but where it ends — in your glass. I hope you enjoy drinking the wines as much as we have enjoyed making them.

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