Dominio de Eguren

Dominio de Eguren

Ctra. De Navaridas, S/n
Páganos (ZIP Code 01309)
La Rioja, La Rioja
(+34) 902 334 080

The Dominio de Eguren wanted to keep the good work inheriting the family tradition from father to son. The family is dedicated to the world of wine since 1870 Progress of the latest cutting edge technologies in wine have also been adapted for this winery, allowing this domain to create wines with an obvious trademark.

Therefore, the quality that is reflected in the wines of Dominio de Eguren is not random. It is based on a very generous vineyard, a suitable climate for the production of these wines and an obvious passion for all people to create high quality wines. The land itself and its orientation are key to maximize farmland. All these elements are added which allow a great wine.

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