Dominio de Atauta

Dominio de Atauta

Calle Morcuera, 0 S/N
ATAUTA (ZIP Code 42345)
Soria, Castilla y León
975 35 08 55

We are in the Valley Atauta in Soria, almost at the eastern boundary of the Ribera del Duero. Domain Atauta is built in four heights on rock and totally gravity (to avoid unnecessary pumping), on a slope of the valley, surrounded by vineyards, 7 km south of the town of San Esteban de Gormaz, through which the Duero. One of the peculiarities of Atauta is the altitude at which the vineyard is located between 950 and 1000 meters above sea level, giving it a slower ripening of the grapes. It is harvested by hand and all the grapes enters the top floor where falls deposits located at the next level.

The determining factor in the character of each of the wines from this winery is the diversity of soils: 35 types of constitutions, exhibitions and orientations, which are reflected in the result obtained and then their wines.

The age of non-low strains 60, along with many others that exceed the century and a half, and 80% are pre-filoxéricas.

Predominantly fine red grapes, as known to the tempranillo, over 600 parcels (15 acres are owned, to which add control of other 45), worked with great vocation without any chemical treatment, such as make biodynamics.

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