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Varese, Lombardy

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about Disaronno

Beginning its history in 1525 as a humble gift given from one person to another, Disaronno is now a world-famous Italian liqueur which can be found as a key ingredient in over 100 cocktails. Its smooth taste and remarkable aroma make it a sure crowd pleaser.

The name amaretto is the diminutive of the Italian “amaro”, meaning bitter. This means that Disaronno is an almond-flavoured liqueur with a slight bitterness.


The legend of Disaronno begins in 1525 when a beautiful innkeeper prepared a secret, delicate, amber liqueur as a thank you gift. This secret recipe was rediscovered in the 1600s by Giovanni Reina, whose family had been given the recipe by the original innkeeper. This secret recipe was guarded carefully and passed down from one generation to the next.

In the twentieth century, Domenico Reina opened a store and workshop in the heart of Saronno, Italy. This is where the Disaronno Originale was first produced and marketed to the public. Disaronno was made in this small workshop until 1947 when new headquarters were founded to keep up with the demand for this artisan liqueur. Disaronno remains owned by the Reina family and has been produced at the same site in Saronno ever since.

The unique rectangular bottle which many now associate with Disaronno was first introduced in 1942. Before that, the bottle was a standard cylinder shape. In 1971, after gaining a lot of popularity both in Italy and abroad, Disaronno decided to set a challenge to redesign the bottle in order to reflect both the tradition and the sheer quality of the liqueur. A master glassmaker from Murano, Venice created the bottle which is still in use today. The classic square Disaronno bottle made from soft, sparkling glass remains a statement of the brand's image and history.

Finally, in 2001, the name “Amaretto di Saronno” was shortened to the “Disaronno” that we all know and love.

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Disaronno's recipe may remain a family secret, but we do know that their amaretto is made from apricot kernel oil, from where the almond flavour is extracted. This is mixed with alcohol, burnt sugar, which gives the liqueur its dark colour, and the essences of seventeen select herbs and fruit.

Other Relevant Information

Disaronno is the world's most popular amaretto and has been produced in Saronno since first being released. It can be served neat as a cordial, on the rocks, with mixers, or as part of a cocktail. It is also delicious when added to hot chocolate or Irish coffee.

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Location and other information

City: Saronno (ZIP Code 21047)
Location: Varese, Lombardy
Country: Italy
Phone: (+03) 902 967 651