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Delord Armagnac

Delord Armagnac

32 Rue Principale
Lannepax (ZIP Code 32190)
Fezensac, Occitanie
+33 (0)5 62 06 36
+33 (0)5 62 64 41

Delord Freres is a French Armagnac house which has produced fine Armagnac since 1893. This family-owned company has a fine portfolio full of well-honed and carefully elaborated expressions of Armagnac with charming handwritten labels.


In 1893, Prosper Delord began his career as a travelling distiller. He would take his alembic along with him and act as the cellar master for every farm that wanted him to distil their white wine into Armagnac.

This passion for Armagnac continued on into the next generation with the founding of the Delord Freres Armagnac house in Lannepax, the family’s native village in 1932. Freres Delord, or The Delord Brothers, were none other than Gaston and Georges, the sons of Prosper Delord. Over time, they extended the reach of the brand from Gascony to the US.

Product Range

The cellars at Delord Freres are full of distinct expressions of Armagnac of varying ages.

  • Armagnac VSOP: Full of character, aroma, and wood notes, this Armagnac is perfect to enjoy neat or on the rocks.
  • Hors d’Age: Typical of the Delord style, this is an aromatic and rich Armagnac.
  • 20 Years Old: Softly spicy and aromatic, a great aged Armagnac with a nice level of rancio.
  • 25 Years Old: Elegant and complex, this 25-year-old is an excellent expression of Bas-Armagnac.
  • L’Authentique: A blend of very old Armagnacs representing the most typical vintages from the house resulting in a complex Bas-Armagnac with character.
  • Blanche Armagnac: From the same land as Armagnac, this transparent spirit is full of fruit aroma and flavour.

Delord Freres has a large number of vintages, among which 1964, 1974, 1984, and 1994 are notable specimens.

The house also offers special Armagnac-based delicacies such as Floc de Gascogne, which is available in white and rosé. The prunes in Armagnac are made according to their grandmother’s secret recipe. Candied chestnuts in Armagnac are another speciality offered by the company.

Other Relevant Information

Delord Freres controls 42 hectares of vineyards where they grow four traditional varieties of Armagnac grapes. The vineyards are divided into 56% Ugni Blanc, 24% Colombard, 14% Baco, and 6% Folle-Blanche.

The house’s cellars contain more than 1000 barrels as well as 12 oak tanks. There is a special room for the oldest vintages where they are stored in glass jars away from the light, in a room appropriately named “Paradise.”

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