Cutty Sark is a whisky brand that has made its mark on both history and popular culture. This delicious blended Scotch whisky was invented as a lighter style of whisky to appeal to American palates – and it worked. Cutty Sark became the best-selling Scotch whisky in the USA, has graced the silver screen, and has even travelled in outer space. Available in its world-famous original version as well as several special releases, Cutty Sark is a great addition to any collection.


Cutty Sark was invented in March of 1923 by the Berry Bros. & Rudd company. This blend was meant to tempt the US market, which was in the midst of Prohibition and wanted something more refined than the more easily available moonshine. After Prohibition ended, Americans already had a relationship with the Scottish brand and both sales and demand continued to grow. It was bought by The Edrington Group in 2010. The Glen Turner Company Limited took over the brand in 2018.

Product Range

Cutty Sark has released a number of different blends over the years, but the most popular product in the line is, without a doubt, Cutty Sark Original. This classic blended Scotch whisky comes in an iconic green bottle with a bright yellow label. Easy to drink and light in colour, this tempting blend is heavy in flavour, making it perfect for sipping or mixing.

Cutty Sark Storm is marked with the words “Our actions define who we are.” Deep and complex thanks to the higher content of malt whiskies at an older age than the original blend, this is a great expression from the brand.

Cutty Sark Prohibition is a small-batch expression from the brand that comes in a beautiful black glass bottle with a cork seal. This release was meant to celebrate the smuggling of Cutty Sark into the USA during the Prohibition by legendary Captain William McCoy. At 50% alcohol per volume, this rich blend of single malt and grain whiskies results in a smooth and complex spirit.

Other Relevant Information

The brand is named after the historic ship, Cutty Sark. This clipper ship was active from 1869 to 1895 and was considered one of the fastest of its time period. This original ship was built less than ten miles from the main office for Cutty Sark in Glasgow, Scotland, but now can be found on display in Greenwich. The drawing of the ship on the label was done by the Swedish artist Carl Georg August Wallin and has been a fixture on the bottles since 1955.

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