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Cune (CVNE)

Cune (CVNE)

C/ San Mario 6
Madrid (ZIP Code 28041)
La Rioja, La Rioja
(+34) 916 289 380
(+34) 916 289 381

Cvne has been caring for its vineyards for over 125 years. Over 125 years of respect for the winemaking tradition, hard work, research, innovation in production processes, pursuit of the highest quality, experimentation, and recognition. Over 125 years is a very long time. Today, Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España is run by the fifth generation of the family of winemakers who founded the company in 1879.

Maybe that is why the passion for making these wines live up to the ideals of the founders two centuries ago continues to grow.

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Cvne's philosophy has always been and continues to be founded on researching new possibilities for the aging of wine and modernizing the processes of producing and crafting its wines. The Contino winery has even pioneered the comeback of the forgotten Riojan variety Graciano, which is now used in proportions of 10-15 percent in all the wines aged in that winery.

Cvne can still remember those golden years when a "Malvoisin" pasteurizer was installed in the Cvne winery. It was the first in Spain and put the company on the cutting edge of winemaking trends at the time. That was in the 19th century.

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