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Crystal Head

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about Crystal Head

Crystal Head is a Canadian brand of vodka. Though relatively young, this brand has only been gaining in popularity since its release. Its eye-catching, unorthodox bottle may be part of the draw, but the premium vodka within the bottle also helps. Crystal Head is proud to offer a vodka to the world that has no additives or flavours. It is nothing but pure vodka made with passion.


In 2007, Crystal Head was created by actor and comedian Dan Aykroyd along with artist John Alexander. This Canadian vodka was created as the result of vodka-lover Dan Aykroyd’s discontent with the lack of vodkas on the market that were 100% additive-free. He decided to take things into his own hands and craft a pure, smooth vodka that would shine on its own, without any need for masks.

Product Range

Crystal Head Vodka starts by taking the highest quality Canadian corn it can get its hands on and distilling that four times to end up with a neutral grain spirit. This is then mixed with water sourced from Newfoundland, Canada and is filtered seven times to ensure purity. Of those seven filtrations, three are done using Herkimer diamond crystals to ensure the cleanest and purest vodka possible. Only then is the vodka deemed good enough to enter the brand’s namesake bottle.

Crystal Head’s Aurora line is housed in a special Aurora bottle which pays homage to the beauty of the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights. This eye-catching bottle is filled with all of the hues of the Aurora along with a special new recipe for Crystal Head Vodka. To do so, a new grain was chosen which results in a vodka that is more dry, bold, and spicy than the original recipe.

The John Alexander line is a limited edition, handcrafted bottle of Crystal Head on which an original painting by John Alexander is applied. This artist’s series results in a completely unique bottle filled with exquisite vodka.

Other Relevant Information

The unique, skull-shaped glass bottle was created for the brand by Bruni Glass, a manufacturer based in Milan, Italy. This memorable bottle was designed not only to grab your attention, but also to symbolize life, power, and enlightenment. The founders were searching for a vessel that was good enough to hold such a pure vodka and they definitely found it.

Crystal Head does not use any additives in its vodka. This means that there is no sugar, citrus oil, or preservatives, only pure vodka. Because it is made from corn, the classic Crystal Head is gluten-free as well as certified kosher.

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