Contador - Benjamín Romeo

Contador - Benjamín Romeo

C/ Amorebieta, 6
San Vicente De La Sonsierra (ZIP Code 26338)
La Rioja, La Rioja
(+34) 941 334 228

Benjamin Romeo was very determined since he was a child, first his father and then his grand-father showed him the passion for the vineyard and for the great world of wine.

Once he finished his Oenology studies (Madrid Wine School), he was fully dedicated to the new projects in the Rioja region. There, always from the respect to the land and traditions he gave his best and advanced vision of the wine making culture. He started to innovate from the base, first improving the traditional methods, and after using the most advanced and state of the art technologies available at the time.

Benjamin is known among the wine culture as a clever, friendly, intuitive and easy going person. He use to go always one step forward in his projects, therefore he got a well deserved regognition as one of the best winemaker in the world at the moment.

Historic Background:

Back in his hometown, in the same same place where some century ago, people used to store wine for a good preservation, Benjamin begun to practice microvinifications, and this was the answer for all his demand.

He first made his wine between his father garage (the place for the reception, selection, maceration and fermentation) and a medieval castle (the place for the ageing process).

It's how the first La Cueva del Contador (1996) has been made, named after the place where it's been elaborated.

The history of Bodega Contador starts with a basic equipment, lot of energy and a strong desire. Other wines followed; in 1999 Contador saw the light, then La Vina de Andres in 2001 named after his father and finally Benjamin developped white wines and the Predicador wines (Tinto & Blanco).

New projects are on the way since he finished his big project, the construction of his new Contador Winery.

The Vineyard:

Benjamin started with a small vineyard given to him by his father. But Benjamin is a restless person, so he started to study all the vineyards in his village, searching for the most interesting grapes to make his own wines.

All the vineyard in the Rioja region is protected by a mountain range (Sierra), with different situations, ages, soil's composition, altitudes and microclimates.

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