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Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez

Álava, Pais Vasco

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about Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez

In 1994, Pablo Eguzkiza and Telmo Rodríguez along with a third winemaker make wine from Grenache from old vines in glass of Navarre. The wine is called 'Alma' ('Soul' in English). These were the beginnings of a winery, which originally was called 'Compañía de Vinos de La Granja' (in Englisch 'The Wine Company from the Farm'). A name that already explained it all: it was clear that the company would produce more wines and paid tribute to La Granja, the famous and historic glass factory, witness of Spanish exceptional craftmanship, which today has almost disappeared.

Although Navarro wine was a success, the growing grape prices of the 90ies and the lack of commitment of the region's cooperatives forced the company to leave the area and focus on other projects.

The second exploited zone is Rueda, where smaller vintners already exported wines. There was a need to sell those wines under one brand. Pablo Rodriguez and Telmo Eguzkiza already owned a company, so they decided to call their company 'Compañía de vinos Telmo Rodriguez', using Rodriguez's already well-known name.

At the time, the Wine Company has developed unique projects for importers or special clients such as Marks & Spencer in Britain. The result of these collaborations are marked as actual payment, Burton Perez, Peña del Infierno or Lunaran, trying to bring the remarkable large-scale retail developments that have undergone the new Spanish wine.

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Location and other information

Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez
Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez
City: Lanciego (ZIP Code 01308)
Location: Álava, Pais Vasco
Country: Spain
Phone: (+34) 945 628 315