Cheste Agraria Cooperativa Vinícola

Cheste Agraria Cooperativa Vinícola

C/ María Carbonell, 2
Cheste (ZIP Code 46010)
Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana
(+34) 963 938 556
(+34) 963 938 510

Wines with international prestige

Anecoop wine began marketing in 1986. The offer of our partner wineries belonging to the Wine Region of Valencia and Navarra, makes diversity one of our competitive advantages. This allows us to have a high level wines that combining tradition and modernity in a single product, has managed to attract and please consumers in more than 38 countries, at an unbeatable value.

The development of new and improved products is essential to continue to surprise the market and the introduction of new varieties and optimization of existing ones, with the most advanced technical means. In this sense the joint efforts of growers, winemakers and technical quality is essential to achieve the objectives.

All this effort to achieve excellence results in a great harvest of awards at major national and international competitions and the highest ratings by the most prestigious critics.

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