Château Olivier

Château Olivier

Château Olivier
Léognan (ZIP Code 33850)
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For years and years,Château Olivier has brought together the present and the pastby making wines of great art in an estate that is the stuff of legends...

Fashioned by the terroir in which they are rooted,shaped by all those who work the vines day after day,the wines of Château Olivier are a magnificent expression of their appellation among the six Classified Growths of Graves in red and white.

Skilfully perpetuating the history of the estate, the wine-growers of Olivier help

givethe vintages they produce the same charm and authenticity as its surrounding walls which are nearly a thousand years old.

Our ambition to develop further can be seen first and foremost in the dynamic, technical, modern methods we use to enhance the terroir.

The recent geological discoveries in the two gravel mounds of Olivier have confirmed the richness and diversity of an outstanding viticultural heritage. 11 different terroirs have been identified, passed down by those who once contributed to the building of the fine reputation of Bordeaux's great growths.

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