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Château Giscours

Château Giscours

10, Route De Giscours
Labarde (ZIP Code 33460)
Gironde, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
(+33) 557 970 909
(+33) 557 970 900

The first written reference to the domain of Giscours, a deed confirming the sale of the Estate for 1,000 Pounds, dates from 1330 and refers to a fortified keep. Records of Giscours' vineyards go back to 1552. Giscour's early reputation for fine wine became increasingly apparent as time went on. A century later, Giscours charmed the palate of the "Roi Soleil" Louis the 14th, who is said to have had a particular inclination for the wine.

Subsequent owners came and went. The most noteworthy was the Count de Pescatore, a leading Parisian banker. In 1847, he laid the cornerstone of the remarkable chateau that still exists today. It was built in order to receive Empress Eugénie in the Renaissance style to which she was accustomed

1855 was another landmark year, in which the wine of Château Giscours was officially recognised as a 3rd growth Margaux.

Then, the domain had a number of other owners and the estate was purchased by Nicolas Tari after the Second World War. He undertook a modernisation programme.

In 1995, the Société Anonyme d'Exploitation was acquired by Eric Albada Jelgersma. He immediately began investing in vineyard and cellar renovation. He also put together a new winemaking team in the spirit of generations of winegrowers who made this Estate the famous great growth it is today.

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