Château Brane-Cantenac

Château Brane-Cantenac

Cantenac (ZIP Code 33460)
Margaux, Nouvelle-Aquitaine
(+33) 557 888 333
(+33) 557 887 251

As a living, constantly evolving product, a great wine requires attention, patience and a certain degree of experience. Since 1992, Henri Lurton has made it his aim to produce each year the best wine possible while remaining faithful to the outstanding, historic terroir of Brane. Since 1997, a new, spacious vat cellar, modern wine-making techniques and a new team have enabled him to rise to this challenge.

However, gaining a technological cutting edge is not an end in itself. Even when new ideas have been properly tried and tested, they are only adopted if they can bring about definite improvements. At Brane, wine production is more based on what the soil can offer. Henri Lurton above all seeks to achieve optimal grape quality and perfectly healthy and ripe fruit.

The quality of the tannins in a wine is the key to its ageing potential. Achieving quality tannins however is dependent on terroir and the age of the vines; and enhancing that quality assumes grapes that have ripened to perfection (neither under-ripe, nor over-ripe). Those tannins then have to be extracted gently from the grapes during the vinification. This is the reason why Henri Lurton for the last twenty years (initially alongside his father) has tasted the grapes himself before every vintage, so as to choose the right date to begin the picking. With his experience and expertise he can predict with precision the potential of each parcel.

Brane's greatest asset is the amazing quality of its historic terroir, because at the end of the day wine is made in the vineyard. This is why Henri Lurton attaches such great importance to vine canopy work, very strict selection and moderate yields (an average yield of 45hl/ha). Contrary to what may have been written about the estate, Brane produces a very limited quantity of First Wine. Scarcely a third of the production carries the famous gold and black label! The two other thirds are divided between Baron de Brane, the Second Wine, and Château Notton.

Harvesting by hand, transporting of the grapes to the cellar by the Air Tec Wine carrier and sorting using the Vistalys de Bucher optical sorting line process guarantee that the berries that end up in the fermentation vats are of perfect quality.

Henri Lurton believes that a great wine should combine structure with elegance and possess great aromatic purity. Château Brane Cantenac's aromatic qualities have been acknowledged for a great many years. Its bouquet develops over time. The more the wine ages, the greater power it develops.

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