Chartreuse Diffusion

Chartreuse Diffusion

10, Boulevard Edgar-Kofler
Voiron (ZIP Code 38503)
Isère , Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
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Since 1737, the Elixir Vegetal is made in the pharmacy of the Monastery of La Grande Chartreuse. It is born in 1764 as the Chartreuse Green and Yellow Chartreuse in 1838.

Then over time, the distillery was moved and route kilometers. She spends Fourvoirie in Voiron and from there the Carthusian fathers are expelled and settled in 1903 in Tarragona, Spain. Then they will come back in 1929 and they get their name "Chartreuse" and their French operating company. They can then go Fourvoirie.

Since 1935, the distillery and the cellar are in Voiron.

Only the Fathers Chartreux know the names of plants 130 plants used to make the liqueur Chartreuse; 2 Carthusian, Dom Benoit and Brother Jean-Jacques, are in charge of manufacturing.

The 18 tons of plants needed each year are delivered by different suppliers to the Monastery of the Grande Chartreuse in St Pierre de Chartreuse.

The "plant room" is located in the old bakery of the monastery; then dried plants are sorted, crushed, weighed and mixed according to the recipe 1605.

Then, they are delivered to the distillery of Voiron in big bags numbered.

Since the 19th century Carthusian use of copper stills, still used today for certain series of liqueurs. Most of the distillation is carried out now in the stills of stainless steel.

After several years of aging in oak barrels, the liquor will be analyzed by the Carthusians, who are the only ones to decide whether the liquor can be bottled and sold.

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