Caves Ferret

Caves Ferret

Avda. Catalunya, 36
Guardiola De Font-rubí (ZIP Code 08736)
Barcelona, Catalonia
(+34) 938 979 148
(+34) 938 979 285

Year 1941. Ezequiel Ferret Olivella, Cavas Ferret founded with great enthusiasm and effort, along with his older brother Joseph Ferret. He could not do so his father, who died at a young age of Ezekiel, but left in legacy, notes with which to start the new venture.

His father was devoted entirely to wine-making, base for the cellar. Our original winery remains virtually intact, with its founding date of 1907. Ferret Olivella Ezekiel, He also studied in the same entity, the years 1943 and 1944.

From that date, provided with a desire for improvement, has not suspended its updating, the innovations in this field, both growing and processing techniques, such as machinery and processes for volume production. Since the founding of Cavas Ferret, it took 10 years of intense activity, continuing work on expansion of the underground galleries, which run at a depth of 15 meters, alternating daily mime requiring bottles and the constant itching and get land for a old well, where the caves were opened manually, carrycot carrycot to vast amounts of land.At the same time, the caves were covered with brick, dome-shaped, as it progressed, to avoid possible landslides.

A number of years passed and the champagne, dark and quiet in bed, still latent, without being practically on the market. Fortunately with the help of their children and it was revived again forced to dig the bowels of the earth, with a new construction of galleries to follow the process as Ezekiel himself Ferret Olivella, have always wanted.

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