Casa Rojo

Casa Rojo

C/ Sánchez Picazo, 53
Balsapintada (ZIP Code 30332)
Murcia, Murcia
(+34) 968 15 15 20
(+34) 968 15 15 39

In Casa Rojo understand the creative process of wine as a dive into the origins of the selected by ourselves, characterized by terroir that houses, sophisticated by the climate that bathes and maintained by professionals who love grapes. From our passion a trip up to 9 Appellations of Origin and indigenous grapes that have adapted to them is clear.

Create a wine that represents perfectly the spirit of the terroir from which is no easy task. Understand the soul of a varietal order to work it from its optimal maturation until its lees and highlight the flavor of the climate that has grown is our biggest challenge. To do this, the team of Red House have heterogeneous profiles and different specialties, in order to have an enriching diversity of views and experiences in creating and developing each of our wines.

Each part of the whole must be heard and analyzed to detail and each project in selected regions, demand for our involvement to the fullest, confidence and a perfect organization to flow in the same direction.It is noteworthy here and we want to make special mention, external collaborations professional land from farmers or growers to winemakers of the wineries we work, whose contribution is essential in the process of developing a new stock. Only then can we create rounded wines, from the beginning until they reach the consumer.

The evolution of consumer markets requires an evolution in ideas, projects we offer, combining more values ​​that make the product is sold by itself and reflects the history that this grape has lived. Create a wine from viticulture, enology, sommelier and design, with ideas, training and fully complementary and heterogeneous tastes, but whose fulcrum and central axis in common: their love of wine.

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