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Located in the Baião subregion of the Porto district of Portugal, Casa das Hortas is a relatively young winery that already offers a great range of wines. The hardworking team behind this company has ensured that it has grown in both size and potential over the years. Try a bottle of Casa das Hortas for an excellent taste of the Vinho Verde DOC or a bottle of Cabeça de Gaio for a lovely red Douro DOC wine.


In 1995, Quinta & Casa das Hortas Sociedade Agrícola e Comercial, Lda. – known as Casa das Hortas, for short – was founded. It was António Azeredo who began this project. From there, the quality of the wines produced has allowed the company to grow over the years, permitting it to craft organic partnerships with the Adega Cooperativa de Baião as well as with the Fundação Eça de Queirós, on its Tormes project in particular.

Product Range

Casa das Hortas has an excellent portfolio of wines. The largest range can be found in the Portal das Hortas line from the Vinho Verde DOC. This collection includes the following whites: Avesso Arinto, Avesso Alvarinho, Avesso, and Avesso Colheita Tardia. There is also a Touriga Nacional rosé available.

The Cabeça de Gaio collection is smaller. These Douro DOC wines are available in white and red colheita offerings as well as a reserve red and a grand reserve red.

Hortas do Caseirinho are sparkling wines which come in white, rosé, and red expressions. Saiote is available in white and rosé. Also available are the Vinha do Caseirinho Branco, Dona Alface Branco, and Navalheira Branco.

Other Relevant Information

The staff at Casa das Hortas are trained in economics, winemaking, oenology, and business to ensure that they have all of the tools necessary to allow the business to grow. Their effort, dedication, and knowledge are the biggest tool that the company has, of which Casa das Hortas is proud.

Portuguese Vinho Verdes have been produced since the time of the Romans. This historic region is known for its young wines. The bottles are generally released within a few months of the harvest. The Vinho Verde region currently has about nine per cent of the total grapevines in Portugal. While Vinho Verde can come in red, white, and rosé, both still and sparkling, most Vinho Verde wines are white. It is wonderful to see a company like Casa das Hortas embracing the full range of possibilities offered by the Vinho Verde region through their portfolio.

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