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Cantina Tollo

Cantina Tollo

Viale Garibaldi, 68I
Tollo (ZIP Code 66010)

In central Italy were found fossil records of vine shoots dating back two million years ago, but it is only from the late Bronze Age that we come to traces of a real agricultural activity, aimed at the cultivation of the vine. In Abruzzo, the earliest evidence of wine production is located in pre-Roman times, with the pottery of funeral artefacts come to light in the monumental necropolis around L'Aquila. Numerous, then, the findings of the Roman period, which attest to the diffusion - and the popularity - of wine, also mentioned in the works of historians and in the poets' verses. "It prepares the wine the hearts and the passion makes them more ready", writes Publio Ovidio Nasone, the famous elegiac of Sulmona origin. The wines produced in the territory are praised in the De Agricoltura by Marco Porcio Catone and even Hannibal - tells the Greek historian Polibio - lingering for a long time in Val Vibrata (Teramo), is seduced by local wine.

In the districts of Tollo, a small town in the province of Teatina, dolia (terracotta containers used for the transport of wine) have been found whole and in fragments, today preserved in the National Archaeological Museum of Chieti.These wine cells were placed near the house (villa rustica), but also buried between the vineyards, with the intent of maintaining the properties of the place during the transformation of the must into wine. On the hills of Tollo, it is still not rare to come across the remains of a dolium, moving the soil for the re-planting of the vineyards.

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