Cantina di Santadi

Cantina di Santadi

Via Cagliari 78
Santadi (ZIP Code 09010)
Carbonia-Iglesias, Sardinia
0039 0781 950127
0039 0781 950012

In 1960, a group of vintners formed an association aiming to process and sell their grapes together. Out of this idea the winery Cantina di Santadi was born and lies in the Southwestern part of the Italian island, Sardinia.

First, the wine cellar concentrated on the selling of open wines, but soon was looking for a breakout of this routine. In the mid 70ies Antonello Pilloni took over as chairman and with his passion and enthusiasm landed the globally renowned enologist, Giacomo Tachis. It was him, who brought the Cantina di Santadi many awards and prices and helped giving the brand a name on the internationally most relevant wine markets.

The global recognition of nowadays isn't only directed at the master enologist, but also the hard working and dedicated wine growers, who in time became the figureheads of Sardinian wine culture.

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