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Campari Group

Campari Group

Via Sacchetti, 20
Sesto San Giovanni (ZIP Code 20099)
Milan, Lombardy
+39 02 62 25 1
+39 02 62 25 312

The Campari Group, founded in 1860, is now a major part of the spirits industry worldwide. The group has a portfolio which includes more than 50 premium and super premium brands which are offered locally, regionally, and globally across 190 countries. Today, the Campari Group is the sixth-largest premium spirits provider in the world.


Gaspare Campari invented Campari in 1860 in downtown Milan. The company's reach grew successfully over the years, distributing to over 80 countries worldwide. In the 1990s, the single-brand company decided to turn itself into a multinational with a portfolio of brands which have worldwide appeal. Since 1995, driven by its desire to reach diverse markets, the Campari Group has acquired 27 additional brands.

The Campari Group is currently headquartered in Sesto San Giovanni, Milan, Italy with its own distribution network set up in 20 countries. Since 2004, it has more than doubled its manufacturing plants, going from 8 in 2004 to 18 in 2019.

Product Range

The Campari Group divides its total portfolio of 50 premium and super premium brands into global, regional, and local priorities. It offers gin, cognac, whisky, vodka, aperitif, liqueur, sparkling wine, rum, and tequila among other items. Its most important global priorities include six brands:

  • Grand Marnier: Created in 1880, a blended liqueur made of French cognac and the essence of exotic oranges.
  • Aperol Spritz: Italy's #1 cocktail, this bright orange aperitif has low alcohol level and a unique bittersweet flavour.
  • Campari: A timeless classic upon which the name of the Campari Group rests, this red, unique liqueur has a secret recipe and is the base for some of the most famous cocktails in the world.
  • Appleton Estate: Made in the heart of Jamaica, this rum has been one of the finest premium rums for the past 265 years.
  • Wild Turkey: An American icon, this award-winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is famous worldwide for its bold, smooth flavour.
  • SKYY: Born in San Francisco out of the desire to make a better martini, SKYY is a premium vodka with fewer impurities.

Other Relevant Information

The Campari Group aims to be the “Smallest Big Company” in the spirits industry. Its leading values are passion, integrity, pragmatism, and together. Employing over 4,000 people, the Campari Group considers every employee to be an important asset. It believes in and supports responsible drinking, sustainability, and transparency. The group has committed itself to preventing environmental pollution and to promoting equal opportunity hiring practises.

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