C. da Silva

C. da Silva

Rua Felizardo De Lima 247
Vila Nova De Gaia (ZIP Code 4400)

C. Da Silva (Wines) SA is a house of strong tradition in Port wine. Founded in 1862, its current name was defined in the first decades of the twentieth century, when Mr. Clemente da Silva received the company through marriage.

At that time, showing an exporting vocation, he directed the first steps towards Brazil and North America, but soon after other markets and DALVA is now present in Europe and Asia.
Today, our mission is to produce Port wines with high quality standards that meet the wishes of all consumers, guaranteeing the prestige, reputation and perception of the brand's value.

C. da Silva Caves of Port wine is known for its beautiful and exclusive "Harvests", such as the Golden White of 1952,1963 and 1971.

The wines of Porto C. da Silva, make each table more refined, and every occasion, a moment ...

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