Bruno Rocca

Bruno Rocca


Notarial documents of the nineteenth century attest the presence of the Fortress in the City of Barbaresco from 1834, the year in which our ancestor Francesco (1834-1894) was born.

In 1864 he made a dotal mortgage in favor of his future wife, Luigia Cheinasso. In that document, Francesco is defined as "farmer born and living in Barbaresco", owner, together with his brother Giuseppe, of "houses, sites, vineyards and gorards", all located on the municipal territory.

From documents and subsequent testimonies, the activity of our family is that of a multipurpose farm where, next to the fields for fodder and livestock breeding, viticulture plays an important role for the family budget.

The awareness of possessing a unique enoic heritage and the desire to enhance the age-old agricultural baggage of the Fortress, pushes the son of Francesco, Bruno, born in 1951, to change course and specialize in winegrowing.

1978 marks the first harvest whose fruits will be bottled, for the first time, under the family name.

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