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Brockmans Gin

Brockmans Gin

Suite 3.02, One Crown Square, Church Street East
Woking (ZIP Code GU21 6HR)
Surrey , England
United Kingdom
+44(0) 207 101 924

In 2007, the brand Brockmans Gin was created by a group of very experienced friends who shared the same passion for gin. They felt inspired and aimed to create a gin "Like No Other" using no less than 11 botanicals.

But innovation and creativity didn't stop there. On the challenge of describing their gin, the friends felt overwhelmed and not able to find the correct words. So, they asked film directors to visually translate the taste of Brockmans Gin through a film. You can find "Out of the Dark" by Angelo Valentino and "A Night Like No Other" by Andy Hill at Vimeo. The latest creation was produced in Decembre, 2015, by Pablo Vega and is called "The Spirit of the Night".

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