Bodegas San Valero

Bodegas San Valero

Ctra. Nacional 330 Km 450
Cariñena (ZIP Code 50400)
Zaragoza, Aragon
+34 976 620 400

It is known that vines have been cultivated in the Spanish region of Cariñena already in 3 BC. Being the oldest wine region of Aragon and one of the oldest in Spain, Cariñena is also one of the first official appellations in Spain. At the beginning of the 20th century vintners often depended on big wine merchants, which made it difficult for them to break even.

So in 1944 Francisco Ruiz Cabrera founded a cooperation which started with already 66 associates. In 1948 the first ship was built and the cooperation grew bigger and bigger. Finally in 1954 it got named Bodega Cooperative Sindical Agraria San Valero.

The wine cellar's first brands were the wines Don Mondo and the Monte Ducay, which also received important mentionings in Spanish literature.

[[2]] has been exporting wines for more than 25 years by now and is selling over 8 millions of litres in about 20 countries per year.

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