Bodegas Rubio

Bodegas Rubio

Calle De Los Palos De La Frontera, 14
Palma Del Condado (ZIP Code 2170)
Huelva, Andalusia
959 40 07 43

Bodegas Rubio is the home of the Luis Felipe range of fine Spanish brandies. Luis Felipe was first discovered over a century ago. Since then, the brand has retained its flavour and quality thanks to its special ageing process and limited production. Bodegas Rubio currently offers four different versions of their legendary brandy, each aged for a different amount of time.


In 1893, a collection of mature brandy was found in a cellar in La Palma del Condado. This brandy was different from any of the others that could be found at the time. The casks were marked with the name “Luis Felipe” as they were meant to be sent to the son of the King of France Luis Felipe I, who lived in Seville until 1890.

Luis Felipe himself was born in Andalusia, Spain. This region in the southernmost part of Spain is known for its beaches, marshes, and the hills of Huelva. The headquarters for Bodegas Rubio lies in the centre of the wine region of Huelva, in La Palma del Condado.

Product Range

There are four brandies currently on offer from Bodegas Rubio: Luis Felipe, Rey Luis Felipe, Luis Felipe Cien Años, and Luis Felipe Liqueur.

Luis Felipe is a traditionally aged brandy known for its smooth texture and rich taste. It is aged in American oak casks which were previously used for Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez wines.

Rey Luis Felipe is one of the brandies which is aged for the longest at Bodegas Rubio. Each bottle comes in a leather case, which an American oak outside lining.

Luis Felipe Cien Años is a peerless gem in its world. The glass bottle comes in a lacquered wooden case. The bust of King Luis Felipe I, found on the bottle, is handcrafted.

The Luis Felipe Liqueur is a smooth and slightly sweet spirit. The process of maturation in American oak casks gives the product its colour and balance.

Other Relevant Information

The secret behind Luis Felipe is its traditional “soleras” and “criaderas” ageing system. For this, American oak barrels are stacked one on top of another. The oldest barrels are nearest to the floor. It is from these barrels that the brandy destined for the bottle is obtained, making sure to never empty the barrel entirely. Once the quantity needed is removed, the barrel is refilled with younger brandy from the barrel immediately above it. This ageing system allows the younger brandies to take on the qualities of the older brandies without needing as many years of ageing.

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