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Bodegas Portia

Burgos, Castilla y León

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about Bodegas Portia

Bodegas Portia offers an excellent range of wines. Some of them winners of prestigious international competitions.

The origin of Bodegas Portia: Faustino Group is now a symbol for the love of the land and the development of high quality wines. Eleuterio Martinez since 1861 when the first lands acquired Arzok in Oyon - Álava, the Faustino Group has grown and settled in the most prestigious Spanish appellations: Rioja, Navarra, Ribera del Duero and Mancha. Currently make up the Group 7 wineries: Bodegas Faustino, Campillo Bodegas y Bodegas Marqués de Vitoria in the DOCa Rioja, Bodegas Valcarlos in the DO Navarra, Bodegas Leganza in Mancha y Bodegas Portia in Ribera del Duero. It also has a wine cellar table: Wineries Victorian.

Family Faustino began in this wine region in the 90s with the acquisition of land selected for its location and soil characteristics in areas of Roa, Gumiel de Izan, Villanueva and Gumiel de Mercado.Once the planting of the vineyards of the variety Tinta del País and after a few years of formation, resulted in the first wine, Portia 2003. The effort was offset when this wine, the first of the Faustino Group in Ribera de Duero , awarded the Gold Medal for Best World Tempranillo.

THE VINEYARD: The vineyard is the origin of our wines. Bodegas Portia has 160 hectares in the area of ​​Roa, Gumiel de Izan, Villanueva and Gumiel de Mercado. At the heart of the Ribera del Duero.

The land is paramount, where our wines are born, a land that gives wines with temperament and personality with intense flavor profile and a violet hues, in soft unctuous and mouth as a result of extreme weather with frost and even spring autumn and winter raw and long.

160 Has.de vineyard area.

WINERY: The construction is the slow process of materializing an idea, put foundation to hold it in the air. Here it emerges from the earth what will be the shelter, the habitat and the prelude to the wines develop therein.

In the winery, designed by Norman Foster, his greatest success undoubtedly lies in the perfect functionality of its different areas, optimized by the use of noble materials and perfectly ordered from the central core of the star emerged from the earth.

The winery is structured with concrete, wood, steel and glass. In total 12,500 meters over three floors organized in a star whose three branches correspond to different areas of production, fermentation and aging of wine. The central core, which is located on the hopper of the harvested grapes, it also acts as a focal point, including store, tasting room, auditorium, meeting rooms and cafeteria.

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Location and other information

Bodegas Portia
Bodegas Portia
City: Gumiel De Izán (ZIP Code 09370)
Location: Burgos, Castilla y León
Country: Spain
Phone: +34 947 10 27 00