Bodegas Naia

Bodegas Naia

Camino San Martín
La Seca (ZIP Code 47491)
Valladolid, Castilla y León
(+34) 628 434 933
(+34) 983 810 645

Located on the left bank of the river Duero, this winery dedicates itself to the production of high quality white wines from their meticulously cared for vineyards, which were planted three decades ago in the district of La Seca, one of the most highly renowned areas of the region.

Bodegas Naia work with old Verdejo vines planted according to the traditional gobelet system of training.

Eulogio Calleja, an experienced oenologist with extensive knowledge of the region, is the man in charge of operations here.

The winery collects its grapes at night-time, September being generally hot in this region. Most of the harvest takes place manually.

Once inside the winery, a careful selection process starts, eliminating all the loose leaves or woody stems and identifying the bunches of grapes that have reached the desired maturity. These grapes are then refrigerated in a chamber so that the aromatic qualities of the skin infuse into the pulp of the grape.

Then, they undergo a prefermentation maceration so that the must continues richening itself in unctuousity and aroma. The winery does not hurry its grapes or its bottling, given that the aim is to coax out every ounce of expressiveness that the Verdejo variety possesses. It is for this very reason that the wine remains on its lees for months. The methods used in the production of these wines correspond to many of this used in the production of some of the best in the world; fresh yet nuanced in their range of flavours, distinctive and long, carrying their nuances right through to the aftertaste. This sort of wine-making requires that the wine be monitored at its every stage.

The winery goes one step further with its Náides, its flagship white wine that is barrel fermented in oak. The grapes used for this wine are the from the oldest vineyards available to the winery, some are even pre-phylloxera vines. Bodegas Naia aims to challenge the popular theory that Verdejo is a variety that tends to oxidize quickly, and put the consumer within reach of a wine that, vintage upon vintage, seduces us with its varietal expression. It is through experiments such as this that we are made aware of the true personality of the Verdejo grape.

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