Bodegas Javier San Pedro Ortega

Bodegas Javier San Pedro Ortega

Avda. San Raimundo, 17- 3
Laguardia (ZIP Code 01300)
+34 689 690 212

Javier San Pedro Ortega is a native of Laguardia and enologist by tradition and vocation. It comes from a family of vintners, being the fifth generation of the family that produces its own wines with grapes from its vineyards, as the San Pedro family owns more than 100 hectares of vineyards in the municipality of Laguardia.

That kid than 5 years old, started out cleaning the cellar of his grandfather in 2005 made his first wine, at the age of 17 years in the cellar of his father.

It is vintage 2013, after eight years providing staff to wines from the family winery touch when you choose to take your personal project, based on two distinct ranges of wines. On the one hand, Cave Wolf range, defined with fun, aromatic and modern cutting wines; and the Black Widow range, which aims to recover old vineyards in the area getting the highest quality of each plot. Although we can not forget our wine Anahí, a white semisweet created and developed in tribute to his mother.

This young project soon takes shape and is called BODEGAS JAVIER SAN PEDRO ORTEGA.An innovative and with a young team looking to surprise cellar and differentiate the classic Rioja wine.

We feel that our wines have to tell a story. We want our wines are authentic, innovative and unique. To convey expression and authenticity of our land. Producing them and raising them with the utmost respect, but from a dynamic and modern vision.

Landscape paradigm par excellence of Rioja Alavesa, our vineyards are settled in the foothills of Sierra de Cantabria, dominating the view of the village of Laguardia.

I am convinced. A large vineyard is the fundamental element for a great wine.

We have 100 hectares of vineyards, between itself and the controlled, settled in soils broad and diverse geological peculiarity. They are located on slopes and terraces, with a perfect sun and where the soil is poor exposure, ideal for vines and grapes of the highest quality. Small plots hardly get to have an area of ​​one hectare, making them work is really conscientious and killed and completely manual.

Tempranillo dominates our plantations, but we also have other varieties such as Viura, Malvasia, Tempranillo Blanco, Sauvignon Blanc ... that give our wines that marked personality.

"Each of our wines tells a story. Stories of memories, thanks, dreams ... moments that have stayed with me long have marked the way to go my way. "

Who does not fight for what you want, you do not deserve what you get.

Who does not know what you want, do not understand what it finds.

Sometimes the North, is not where it marks the compass.

Think less. Feels.

  • Anahi

  • Cueva de Lobos White

  • Cueva de Young Wolves

  • Cueva de Lobos Crianza

  • Black Widow Crianza

  • Black Widow Finca Villahuercos

  • Black Widow Prado of Souls

  • Black Widow Never

  • Black Widow Finca La Taconera

  • Black Widow Late Harvest

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