Bodegas Hispano Suizas

Bodegas Hispano Suizas

Cronista Carreres 9, 7º L
Valencia (ZIP Code 46003)
Valencia, Comunidad Valenciana
(+34) 661 894 200
(+34) 963 523 975

Bodegas Hispano-Suizas belongs to the Utiel Requena, one of the Spanish wine regions of greater tradition and that have chosen to produce their wines. The region is located halfway between the plateau and the Mediterranean climate allows combination to produce grapes of great quality and with very pronounced singularities.

They have 55 hectares of vineyards 9 different varieties of grapes lying to the south of the city of Requena. These plantation on clay limestone soils, with a framework of 4,000 plants per hectare, while in the case of the, unique to this region, local variety Bobal frame is old vineyards with just 1,600 plants per hectare and over half century.

Inside the farm where the vineyards are being rebuilt twice centennial wine cellar to suit the demands of modern winemaking.

Soon it may be accessed because the philosophy of Hispanic Swiss is that this wine house is open to all who share a taste for quality wine with one condition:that lack of prejudice is as large as its demand on the palate.

Why Bodegas Hispano-Swiss: the strength to believe in a dream.

There was a day when three soul mates shared the same dream after half-life in the world of wine making wines they wanted to do, beginning and ending in the strain on the label.

Among the vagaries of signature wine for beginners and wine prepared according to the dictates of fashion and the market there is a third way that Marc Grin, Rafael Navarro Pablo Ossorio and wanted to explore a very personal commitment to which they have given the name Bodegas Hispano Swiss by origin of its partners.

With independence it gives them a proven experience and taking the three legs of the stool of a good product: traditional viticulture, enology and export innovative intelligent, Rafael, Paul and Marc have had a free hand to compose a small masterpiece that begins now to bear fruit. This is to make high quality wines, affordable for increasingly abundant wine lovers.With just snobbery but without losing sight of that good wine it is made day by day from proper pruning stick to the exact blend, through a demanding, patient and wise vintage wood combination. The goal is ambitious: to teachers, but understandable various works by the customer. Hence the names of the wines are to have the common denominator of being terms used in classical music. Because a good wine, so nothing tune, have to leave the bottle like a symphony in which each instrument takes its place and time. That's the dream of Bodegas Hispano Swiss now beginning to take shape.

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