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Bodegas Escudero

Bodegas Escudero

Ctra. de Amedo, s/n
Grávalos (ZIP Code 26587)
La Rioja, La Rioja
(+34) 941 398 008
(+34) 941 398 070

Located in the beautiful La Rioja region of Spain, Bodegas Escudero has produced award-winning wines and cavas since 1852.

Bodegas Escudero:

A fourth generation family business of winery owners and viticulturists, Bodegas Escudero began in 1852. Our great-grandfather, Juan Escudero, began to elaborate wines in a wine cellar carved into a mountain with a stone wine press and six oak casks of 250 cántaras, each with the approximate capacity of 24,000 litres. His ancestors had been cultivating the vines. The elaborated wines were sold in wineskins (a cask made from the skin of a goat and tar) to the small towns of the Sierra de la Demanda ó Cameros Viejos enjoying much prestige among these towns. The elaboration of cava, however, is more recent. Benito Escudero (present owner of the winery) began to elaborate the first bottles of cava that now constitutes one of the most important products of our winery.

Location of the Winery:

Bodegas Escudero is located in Grávalos, a small Rioja village with old-wine growing tradition, and located in the foothills of the Sierra de la Demanda. In the Cameros Viejos and 700 meters above sea level, the winery has a very special microclimate with very cold winters and summers with hot days and cool nights. This difference of temperature between the days and nights of summer cause a slow ripening (maturation) that permits the grapes to obtain some acid with very fine fragrances, tannins that evolve well and an adequate graduation.

Indispensable conditions generate great quality wines and cava that are destined to become young products as well as crianzas, reservas and grandes reservas.


The winery cultivates 100 hectacres of family property: 80 hectacres of varieties of reds: Tempranillo, Mazeulo, Garnacha and Graciano and 20 hectacres of varieties of whites: Viura and Chardonnay. Young red wines, the crianzas and reservas are elaborated with the red varieties. The Viura variety produces the Benito Escudero cava while the Chardonnay creates our Diora Baco cava. It is in the family estate called "Cuesta la Reina" where are planted 60 hectacres of vines. There is a total of 110 hectacres but the other 20 hectacres are planted in the estate "La Legua" of Pradejòn where "Valsacro" is located. The remaining 20 hectacres are distributed in small parcels in the jurisdiction of the town of Grávalos. The estate, "Cuesta la Reina" is a carasol of the Monte de Yerga with rock terrain and clay, calcareous soils and ferrous soils, poor in organic material and with a high quantity of lime. The rainfall is low, with large cycles of drought and a measurement of 400 litres per square meter per year. The time of the sun is abundant and favors an adequate ripening of the grapes.

The Varieties We Cultivate:

  • Tempranillo: It is the most important and extensive variety and constitutes the base of our crianza and reserva wines, as well as our young reds. Upon maturity it has a very low acid base.

  • Mazuelo: We utilize it as a complement to the Tempranillo for the crianza and reserva wines. Its dearth of oxidants maintain the stable color and its strong acid makes the Mazuelo an ideal complement to the Tempranillo for wines of long aging.

  • Garnacha: It is the base for the elaboration of Bécqure Primicia, producing a solid and very aromatic wine. We have 100 year old vines of this variety although in small quantity.

  • Graciano: This is an appreicated variety in Rioja but we do not possess more than 3 hectacres and until now, it has not been in production.

  • Viura: It is the base of our white wine for the elaboration of our cava, Benito Escudero Abad. It is a very extended variety in La Rioja and in Catalunya where one know it by the name of Macabeo and it is employed for the elaboration of cavas. It makes little alcohol with strong acid and is very aromatic, and evolves very well in the bottle in contact with the cava yeasts.

  • Chardonnay: It is the base of our white wine for the elaboration of our Dioro Baco cava. Though in La Rioja this variety is in an experimental phase, in France, it is the queen of the white wines of Borgoña and one of the principals of the French champagnes. It gives wines a lot of body and extract and a very high acid. They are cavas that evolve very well. It is perfectly adapted to our zone.

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