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Bailey & Co


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about Bailey & Co

With its products now sold in over 160 countries around the world, Bailey & Co is the proud producer of the world’s best-selling cream liqueur. This cream liqueur is still produced and bottled exclusively in Ireland, where the story of Baileys began.


The history behind Bailey and Co begins in Dublin, Ireland in 1974. David Dand, together with David Gluckman, Tom Jago, Steve Wilson, and Mac McPherson, worked as a team to make Dand’s vision a reality: the perfect marriage of dairy cream and aged Irish whiskey. It took three years to perfect the recipe so that the ingredients mixed perfectly without separating.

Product Range

The most famous product to come out of Bailey & Co is Baileys Original Irish Cream. This is a blend of aged triple-distilled Irish whiskey, Irish dairy cream, cocoa, and vanilla. Even though no preservatives are used, the liqueur is guaranteed to remain delicious for up to two years from the date of production without undergoing any changes. This is the perfect product to enjoy with desserts, coffee, on ice, or as part of a cocktail.

Baileys Chocolat Luxe is a delectable mix of Baileys Original Irish Cream with Belgian chocolate. This mixture of Belgian chocolate, Irish whiskey, and cream results in an intense and pleasurable drink.

Baileys Orange Truffle mixes Baileys Original Irish Cream with orange truffle to craft a liqueur that is sure to melt in the mouth. This delightful mix of cream, whiskey, and orange is seductive and made to share.

As coffee is a natural marriage for Baileys Original Irish Cream, it is no surprise that the company created the Baileys Coffee liqueur. The taste of roasted coffee is mixed with Baileys Original Irish Cream to make the perfect ingredient to add to desserts, cocktails, and to simply enjoy.

Other Relevant Information

All of the dairy cream for Baileys comes from small family farms in Ireland. A total of 38,000 cows produce more than 220 million litres of cream yearly for Baileys, after strolling around the Irish countryside, enjoying the fresh air and green grass.

Baileys is the perfect ingredient to mix into cocktails. There is a Baileys cocktail for every occasion. White Russians, espresso martinis, eggnog, all of these classic cocktails would not be possible without the help of Baileys. Try changing things up a bit by mixing one of the flavoured Baileys into these classic cocktails. Until then, add a bit of Baileys to your next coffee and enjoy the decadence it brings to the mix.

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Location and other information

Bailey & Co
Bailey & Co
City: Dublin
Location: Ireland
Country: Ireland