Arzuaga Navarro

Arzuaga Navarro

Ctra.. N. 122 Km. 325
Quintanilla De Onésimo (ZIP Code 47350)
Valladolid, Castilla y León
(+34) 983 681 146
(+34) 983 681 147

Founded in the early 90's by the family Arzuaga Navarro, the winery bearing his name are an example of dedication and passion for land and wine.

Florentino Arzuaga Navarro, near a silent Duero, bought a farm, for its size, has its own horizon. Then came the stock, the wine cellar and then, a red as he liked, with a skeleton but elegant, round and complex at once. Florentino Arzuaga has in his mind the tenacity of the entrepreneur but the sensitivity to aesthetics and perfection.

The Arzuaga Navarro winery rises near the Duero. A song to rock solid and evocative rustic monastery by archways, towers on the sides and in the center, the bell tower topped by a weather vane of the winds. Outside the stone and wood inside the elm warm welcome to visitors and prepare your mind to try some special wines.

Quality is the most pampered and care Arzuaga Navarro.The excellent quality of its grapes, good wine inexcusable premise, the care with which the vineyards are cared for and passion at work have made their wines are now among the most prestigious of the Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero .

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