Adega de Pegões

Adega de Pegões

PEGÕES VELHOS (ZIP Code 2985-158)
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The famous winery Adega de Pegões is located in the village of Pegões near Lisbon. Adega de Pegões has specialised in red, white and rosé wines and has gained a great reputation with these wines and has already received more than 500 international and national awards.

It all started when the big landlord and beer magnate José Rovisco Pais donated his Pegões properties to the Lisbon State Hospitals. On these properties the Government implemented a large “colonization” project, donating land to thousands of agricultural workers and directing the plantation of 830 hectares of vineyard. The Cooperative was established on March the 7 th 1958 in order to give technical and logistic support to the “colons”. Part of the support consisted in the reception and processing of their grapes. The first Pegões wines where than born.

Nowadays, Pegões is a modern and competitive winery recognised both in the domestic and international markets. Pegões wines have been distinguished with more than 500 awards at the most important international wine contest, on the last 10 years. The winery has been distinguished in 2014 the 4 th winery in Portugal and the 37 th in the world.

They sell all the production, of about 9 million litters, in bottles (12 millions) – 65% for the domestic market and 35% for exports.

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