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The Absolut Company

Stockholm, Svealand

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about The Absolut Company

The Absolut Company was founded in Åhus, a small town with less than 10,000 inhabitants in southern Sweden. It is one of the most famous and best-selling vodka brands in the world and is now part of the portfolio of the French group Pernod Ricard. It is also the third largest alcoholic beverage brand in the world.

History of a myth

Absolut was founded in 1879 by Swedish entrepreneur Lars Olsson Smith. It was he himself who introduced the continuous distillation system into the production process, thanks to which the vodka could be distilled hundreds of times and become very pure. Absolut Rent Brännvin (Absolutely Pure Vodka) also challenged the Stockholm monopoly. Lars Olsson Smith opened a small shop just outside the city limits and began offering free boat tours to the distillery.

In 1979, the company decided to launch itself on the US market and tried to register the brand in New York as Absolut Pure, but the proposal was rejected. There were no negative consequences, however, and Absolut Vodka soon became popular in all the trendy bars and clubs. In 1985, it became the best-selling imported vodka brand in the United States, beating Russian and Finnish competition.

How are Absolut vodkas produced?

Every single drop of Absolut Vodka comes from one place: the small town of Åhus. There are only two basic ingredients: winter wheat and very pure water. Winter wheat is a typical Swedish cereal, with a particularly hard grain, which is sown in autumn, grows during the winter under snow and is harvested in the autumn of the following year. It is grown locally and with minimal use of fertilizers. The water, on the other hand, is taken from a well over 140 metres deep, surrounded by ice and where the water undergoes a natural filtration process through the rock. It is, therefore, totally free of impurities. Unlike many other vodkas, Absolut contains no added sugar.

Absolut flavoured vodkas also contain no added sugar and are made only from natural ingredients.

Absolut has always also proven to be environmentally friendly. The distillery is environmentally friendly and energy efficient without CO2 emissions. The more than 300 farms that supply Absolut with raw materials also practise sustainable agriculture.

Quality, fashion and design

Few people know that the iconic shape of Absolut vodka bottles is inspired by an old 19th century medicine bottle, found by chance in an antique shop in Stockholm. Today, it is almost impossible not to see a bottle of Absolut in any bar in the world!

Absolut's neutral, yet strong and complex taste makes it the ideal ingredient for any vodka cocktail. In addition, the many flavored versions have revolutionized the world of mixology and unleashed the imagination of many bartenders.

Over the years, then, the bottle has often changed its look. In fact, there are many limited editions that have conquered the lovers of the brand and pushed many people to collect them. Famous are the editions and advertising campaigns that have availed themselves of the collaboration of great artists such as Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and Keith Haring. Or who has never seen the famous Absolut Colors, dedicated to the LGBT flag?


  • Each bottle of Absolut Vodka contains more than 1 kg of wheat;
  • The legendary Swedish entrepreneur Lars Smith Olsson is now known as "The King of Vodka". The medallion that decorates each bottle depicts his portrait.
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Location and other information

The Absolut Company
The Absolut Company
City: Stockholm (ZIP Code S-117 97)
Location: Stockholm, Svealand
Country: Sweden
Phone: +46 8 744 70 00