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Maker's Mark

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The clear choice for the top spot among the experts, including distillers, Maker's Mark can make multiple claims to the title of "most important". That iconic dripped-red-wax seal ("a red dress in a sea of gray," said whiskey writer Fred Minnick); the iconic bottle shape; the smooth, easy-to-like, wheated bourbon inside; the savvy marketing; and, most of all, the gutsy investment in bourbon's future at a time when it looked like the spirit might not have one.

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Technical sheet

Category:Bourbon (Spirits)
Producer: Maker's Mark
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 45%
Country: United States

Description of Maker's Mark

Maker's Mark


  • Color: Maker's Mark 45 ° is pale straw color.
  • Smell: On the light side, especially caramel and oak.
  • Taste: Hits of the tongue in a big way, with a good sweet flavor of the caramel up front and vanilla. After a few seconds on the tongue, spicy cinnamon makes its appearance, bringing some balance to the 46. By downloading, whiskey gives it a pleasant heat that never becomes a full burn



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Maker's Mark is the first choice of experts, including distillers, and can repeatedly claim the most important of the "title." The iconic red wax seal ( "a red dress in a sea of ​​gray," said the journalist Fred Minnick whiskey); The iconic shape of the bottle; The soft bourbon, easy to love, in; Smart marketers; And, above all, the courageous investment in the future of bourbon at a time when it seemed that the distillate could not have one.
Bill Samuels Sr. Maker launched in 1958. In the eighties was the son of bourbon sign, regarded (rightly or not) as a handmade product in the middle of a sea of ​​industrial mediocrity. Maker's was the introduction to the spirit of many young people. Experts can tease the smoothness of Maker's Mark as a "bourbon" training, but the world has embraced as a premium beverage. He inspired devotion and specialization among its devotees. Soon, the distillery itself became a tourist attraction, offering guided tours since 1968, long before the "tourism bourbon" existed. Probably more than any other brand, it has helped spark the revival of bourbon which all enjoy today.
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Maker's Mark

3 /5

I prefer rum. I bought this bourbon on the advice of online to discover in my life who better like Wild Turkey 101 I had served them before.
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4 /5

- Maker's Mark is the only bourbon distillery to use pure, iron-free limestone spring water exclusively, not city, well or river water. The source is a 10-acre limestone spring-fed lake at the distillery.
- The red wax seal you see on the bottle is like a snowflake, no two of them are alike.
- They'd be hard pressed to explain what's behind the differences in snowflakes, but it's easy to explain the individuality of our wax patterns.
- It's the people who have been hand-dipping the bottles for more than a quarter century. Each one has a different personality that is expressed in the way the wax drips. This is just another step in the Maker's Mark process where people, not machines control the quality of the product.
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5 /5

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