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United States

Jim Beam Devil's Cut 90 proof


Jim Beam Devil's Cut 90 proof

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The angel's share is the name given to the portion of any spirit that disappears during the ageing process. Science may say that this is due to evaporation, but legend has it that this is the angels claiming their share of the spirit being made. Jim Beam has taken this well-known term in the distilling world and has turned it on its head with their Devil's Cut.

Jim Beam Devil's Cut 90 Proof is nothing less than extraordinary. To make it, Jim Beam starts by taking the wood from the barrels that have been emptied and extracting the whiskey that has soaked into the wood using a special proprietary process. This whiskey, now released from its wood prison, is what the company considers the devil's share. Once extracted, the devil's share is mixed with a six-year-old bourbon and then bottled at 45 percent alcohol by volume.

This premium whiskey has more depth, complexity, flavour, colour, and character. All of this achieved through unleashing the secret whiskey hidden deep inside the wood. The angels can keep their share as long whiskeys as good as Jim Beam Devil's Cut are on the market. Full-bodied, intense, and smooth, this is just what the doctor ordered for sipping or making a whiskey-centric cocktail.

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Technical sheet

Category:Bourbon (Spirits)
Producer: Jim Beam
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 45%
Country: United States

Description of Jim Beam Devil's Cut 90 proof

Jim Beam Devil's Cut 90 proof


  • Color: Jim Beam Devil's Cut 90 proof has a light amber color.
  • Smell: Sweet, with soft notes of vanilla and cut hay, a touch of fresh maize fields and some cereal sweetness, as the fields of Kentucky bluegrass.
  • Taste: Good body with hints of toasted oak and all the necessary notes of vanilla cream and Spanish, a little pepper and pepper with a score of acetone. The finish is toasty oak sweetness and resin.

ALCOHOL: 45% Vol

COUNTRY: United States

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The Producer

Jim Beam

Jim Beam

The reason Jim Beam® Bourbon is the world’s #1 Kentucky bourbon is because we’ve been at it for over 200 years. Seven generations of Beams have kept our secret bourbon-making process alive, while battling the wilds of Kentucky, the Great Depression, two wars, and a pesky little thing called Prohibition. Now you can see our 200 year legacy come to life, and sample our Kentucky bourbon, at the new American Stillhouse right here in Clermont, KY.

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- The Essence: A distinctly bold bourbon with rich flavour, unleashed from deep inside the barrel wood.
- The tatse: Full bodied with intense oak and vanilla notes.
- The finish: Long, smooth, with a hint of sweetness.
- As bourbon ages, a portion of the liquid is lost from the barrel due to evaporation - that's the "Angel's Share."
- After aging, when the bourbon is dumped out of the barrel, a certain amount of whiskey is left trapped within the wood of every barrel.
- Jim Beam call that the "devil's cut."
- To create Jim Beam Devil's Cut, an extraordinary new bourbon experience, they developed a proprietary process that actually pulls the rich whiskey trapped inside the barrels' wood after they're emptied. They hold this barrel-treated extract until it develops the proper balance of bourbon notes, then blend it with 6 year old bourbon and bottle at 90 proof.
- The result: a robust, premium bourbon with deep colour, aroma and character.
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Jim Beam Devil's Cut

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