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Four Roses Bourbon has been produced in Kentucky since the 1880s. According to legend, Four Roses takes its name from a love story in which the founder, Paul Jones Jr, proposed to his love. She replied yes by wearing four roses on the front of her gown. This love and passion are now shared with us through the care they take in producing this world-class Kentucky bourbon.

To craft their bourbon, Four Roses starts with premium non-GMO corn, rye, and malted barley. These high-quality grains are mixed with five different strains of yeast, each of which gives a distinct flavour to the final product. Two special mashbills dictate the percentage of each grain to be used. One mashbill has more corn while the other has more rye, creating a spicier, full-bodied bourbon.

The five different yeasts and two mashbills result in 10 completely unique bourbons. These are aged in charred American white oak barrels for at least five years until the desired taste profile has been achieved. The final product is a blend of these 10 different bourbons. A good bourbon, like a good cognac, pairs well with cheese. The spicy notes are brought out by corn. Enjoy Four Roses Bourbon straight, on the rocks, or with a mixer. It would also make an excellent gift for someone you love, with four roses on the side.

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Technical sheet

Category:Bourbon (Spirits)
Producer: Four Roses Distillery
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L and 50ml
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: United States

Description of Four Roses

Four Roses


  • Colour: Four Roses is a warm and orangey amber.
  • Aroma: Sweet and creamy scents such as floral essences, gentle spice, and honey, with hints of caramel, lemon zest, and orange marmalade.
  • Taste: Crisp, floral, smooth, and soft, with balanced notes of apple, honey, oak, pear, apple, and vanilla. A long smooth finish holds sophisticated hints of oak and spicy orange.

PRODUCER: Four Roses Distillery, producing brands of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey for the Kirin Brewery Company of Japan. The company was originally started on Louisville's Whiskey Row in 1884 by Paul Jones Jr. His sweetheart promised to wear four red roses to a ball to indicate her acceptance of his proposal of marriage. She did so, and it inspired the branding of his bourbon business.

COUNTRY: United States

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Formerly known as Yellow Label, this popular bourbon is aged for a minimum of five years in oak barrels. Four Roses is the only bourbon distillery to use five proprietary yeasts with two separate mash bills, from 60 to 75 percent corn, to produce ten different bourbons. All ten are blended in Four Roses . Single-storey rick houses are used to age the bourbon, minimising the temperature difference between barrels ageing at floor level and those higher up, unlike the wide temperature variation common to traditional multi-storey barrelhouses.


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Great value for money a very good base bourbon.
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Four Roses

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Great service, really good product.
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The Bourbon Four Roses 70 Cls. impresses me more and more

3 /5

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