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Blanton's Gold Edition

70cl Volume

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One of the most interesting features of Blanton's Gold Edition is that it is hand-bottled after being aged in the best casks at Blanton Distilleries in Kentucky. It is a single cask whisky, which ensures that it does not mix with the contents of other casks and retains a certain unity in taste and aroma.

The Blanton's Gold Edition has been made to satisfy the most expert bourbon lovers. It is complex, uniform, with marked flavours and character. It has the perfect balance between the citrus touches in taste and aroma and the distinctive characteristics given by the wooden barrels in which it matures.

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Technical sheet

Category:Bourbon (Spirits)
Producer: Blanton's
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 51%
Country: United States

Description of Blanton's Gold Edition

Blanton's Gold Edition


  • Colour: Blanton's Gold Edition has a golden amber hue.
  • Aroma: A complex, rich nose of caramel, chocolate, dried fruit, hay, moss, spice, and vanilla.
  • Taste: A deep cigar box of flavours, dark and rich, with apricot, butter, cedar, honey, oak, pepper, and tobacco in the mix. A long finish gives a sweeter palate of pecan pie and toffee apple echoes. Despite this layered array, the overall effect is clean and exceptionally smooth.

PRODUCER: Blanton's Distilling Co., more famously known as the Buffalo Trace Distillery, of Frankfort, Kentucky, the oldest continuously operating distillery in the USA. Both are brands of the Sazerac Company.

COUNTRY: United States

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The specific mashbill is unknown, but is a sour mash of corn, rye, and malted barley. As with all Blanton bourbons, Blanton's Gold Edition is aged in the special Warehouse H, where the metal walls, it was accidentally discovered, lead to the steadiest and best ageing of all. The barrels are sampled and chosen when deemed ‘ready' rather than at a specific age. The stunning globular bottle with golden horse jockey stopper perfectly represents the rich promise of its contents which, like the best single malts and finest cognacs, offer the very best a single barrel has to offer.

ALCOHOL: 51.5%

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Bourbon is the most delicious I've ever tasted in my life.
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Blanton's Gold Edition

4 /5

- Colour: Amber with gilded reflections.
- Nose: Finely timbered, marked by the dry fruits, evoke spices (grooves) and the flowers heady (chevrefeuille).
- Palate: The sharp mouth, elegant and race evolves/moves on the fruits (plum) and the spices (clove).
- Finish: Long, develops on vanilla notes, nut of pecan and wood flaring.
- Limited stock.
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Blanton's Gold

4.5 /5

I had tried before, so that prints are expected. Exceptional.
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4 /5

Type: Bourbon Whiskey Recipe: Corn - Rye - Malted Barley Mash Type: Sour Still Proof: 70% Alcohol by Volume - 140 proof Entry Proof: 62.5% Alcohol by Volume - 125 proof Warehouse: H Barrel Type: White Oak Maker: Independent Stave Staves: 6 month air dry Treatment: #4 Char Filtration: Chill Filtered Bottle Proof: 51.5% Alcohol by Volume - 103 proof Color: Dark Amber
Tasting Notes: Nose: Powerful and Dry, marked by Honey, Heavy Rye, Dried fruits, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Palate Entry: Sharp, Full and Rich, Marked by Apricot, Butter, Pepper, Light Honey, and Oak Finish: Long, with Toffee and Apple, Developing on Pecan and Caramel Best Served: Straight
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Blanton's Gold

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