Young people drink less wine, but better

by Marta Burgués

In recent years, wine consumption among young people is smaller, depending on the country, but they prefer higher quality wines. The rise of wine tourism and the spread of wine consumption has made new generations to know more about the language of wine and the main Appellations of Origin.

The trend for young people to know how to drink quality wine spreads all along Europe. According to a report by Rabobank -a Dutch bank-, this idea is confirmed, since it states that key generations of wine consumers are those between 20 and 50 years.

These generations bet for premium wines and show great interest in artisan producers who care for their wines, make small productions and live to their customers.

Young people who drink quality wine in Europe equate to a rather sophisticated and semi-luxurious life. Moreover, young people are betting largely for the Internet, and buy wine online, and really know what brand they are purchasing, where it comes from, compare prices and watch the opinions of other users.

Other sources suggest these trends, since they do not drink much wine because the places where they offer good wines, are usually somewhat elitist, and young people who go there, do it when they have money. In addition, in Spain this is not entirely true, because there are taverns at lower prices where there are reference wine, care for their wine list and wine is something valued, both by young and adults.

Other data show that in Spain, the Spanish Wine Market Observatory states in its 2009 studies, that 5.5% of young people between 18 and 25 states consuming wine regularly, while just 10% of young people aged 26 to 35 years consumes it quite often.

 TAGS:Numanthia 2005Numanthia 2005

Numanthia 2005  a red wine with Toro DO with a blend based on tempranillo and tinta de Toro of 2005 and 14.50º of alcohol.

 TAGS:Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Silver Label Pinot Noir 2012Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Silver Label Pinot Noir 2012

Francis Ford Coppola Diamond Collection Silver Label Pinot Noir 2012  a wine red with DO California made with pinot Noir of 2012 and with 14º of alcohol content.

 TAGS:Protos Reserva 2009Protos Reserva 2009

Protos Reserva 2009 is a red wine with Ribera del Duero DO made with tinto Fino of 2009 and has an alcohol content of 14º. 

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