World leaders’ favorite drinks

 TAGS:World leaders are human. They have a favorite football team, movie, meal and even a favorite drink. Psychologists can probably get a lot from the information I will share with you in this post and they will for sure attribute all kinds of personality traits to each of these powerful leaders, based on the contents of their glass. Is it true that all beer or whisky drinkers have something in common?

Well, in the first assault we have Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. If this unrivaled couple gather together a holiday on a terrace by the sea on a sunny afternoon (we will give a bucolic touch to the matter), they both would ask for beer.

Although the favorite drink of Mr. President is actually tea, and not just any lemon or peach flavored tea, but the Black Forest Berry iced tea, he has also been seen drinking a Guinness down in one of his most Recent visits to the world capital of stout. Still, that’s not really him as his favorite beer is quite soft: the Miller Lite, in case someone wants to take note.

For Merkel I can imagine that her leisure time is more enjoyable with a wheat beer, one made with special care and all the attention in a small town in the Bavaria area, how could it be otherwise. Although I cannot really think of her singing a popular song at Oktoberfest, I must say.

Francoise Hollande promotes his country’s wines confessing himself as the number one fan of some of the French red wines. Presumably, the same thing will happen to the President of Spain, probably a good enthusiast of Ribera del Duero or Rioja, specially of the classic ones, but in these times of crisis in our country is rather time to be on bread and water.

It’s not all beer and wine, don’t worry, there are also world leaders who don’t feel shy to admit that their best friend is a spirit, or at least that some of them is among their favorite alcoholic drinks (we don’t have to be so dramatic). David Cameron is one of them, following the example of Margaret Thatcher, as both have never hidden his fondness for whisky (in moderation, of course).

Tony Blair also belongs to the malt lovers club and admits that there is nothing better than a good whiskey to celebrate a special occasion, although the wine is actually his favorite alcoholic beverage.

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