World largest beer festivals

by Marta

The Munich Oktoberfest is undoubtedly the largest and most emblematic beer festival in the world. Two weeks devoted to barley, malt, wheat and six million visitors each year enjoying their favorite beverage in a city that knows how to welcome its visitors and make them feel like at home.

In Europe there are a couple more noteworthy held in Belgium: Belgium Beer Weekend, which takes place the first weekend in September each year and where you can find about five hundred different beers that share only the origin: Belgian, of course. The other one is called Pilsner Fest and it is one of the oldest, with nearly two hundred years of tradition, and for that alone it?s worth a visit to enjoy two days of music and good beer.

UK could not be left behind in this beer festivals league. The National Winter Ale’s festival is one of the best and for its 2013 edition already had a precedent, as a training, held at London Olympia with over fifty thousand people who tasted beer and cider from morning to night.

In North America, in the city of Denver, each year they enjoy the Great American Beer Festival where thousands of visitors begin October paying homage to this drink. A large number of people and a lot of fun, as in the New York?s one: Brewtopia, currently known as Great World Beer Festival, which has the added advantage of the location, perfect for a getaway with friends with a good excuse.

Canada, New Zealand and Qindgdao are other destinations to consider for beer lovers. The Mondial de la bière held in Montreal from late May to early June is the country’s largest Canadian.

If someone is lucky enough to travel to New Zealand, then they can also enjoy a local beer festival where to taste over seventy varieties. A good idea that takes repeating and in the last six years and has increasingly bigger audiences.

China is not far behind in all matters and beer could not make an exception. Qingdao International Beer Festival is the largest beer festival in Asia and it?s worth, and much, visit. There you will find games, competitions, lots of beer, much exoticism and days entertained by various bands and DJs.

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