Women know how to drink


Middle-aged women know better how to control themselves than men when they drink alcohol. This is the conclusion of a recent study, led by Glasgow Caledonian University. The information was published in the Scotsman. It shows that women are more likely to stop drinking when they reach a certain level of intoxication. They remain “in their safe zone” more easily than men.

The study, which is published in the journal Sociology of health and illness, is entitled “Staying ?in the zone? but not passing the ?point of no return?: embodiment, gender and drinking in mid-life” It analyzes the behavior of men and women in the middle-aged in their drinking habits. Through interviews with people of both sexes in the age group of 30-50 years old.

According to Dr. Carol Emslie, co- author of the research,

“Men often say they know when to stop, but are unable or unwilling to explain why; However, women say they know when to stop drinking when they think on their responsibilities and their roles of working women and mothers. Another important factor is the ?what people will say?. A drunk woman is still has a worst impact than a drunk man.”

So rather than focusing on the calculation of units of alcohol, the subjects of the study were taken to share their physical and psychological changes. It is a novelty that the health authorities of the countries in the world could exploit for their prevention campaigns. This would allow them to more effectively reach individuals and alter the risk of abuse of alcoholic beverages.

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