Women are less concerned with quality than men

by Marta Burgués

According to a survey performed recently in the United States, women are less concerned about the quality of wine and look it more as a relaxing drink than men.

The consumption of 59% of the wine sold in the United States is due to purchases of women in that country, who drink more alcohol than men. Despite this, their motives for drinking are very different from those of men. For women, wine is a means of relaxation while men are more careful with their choices based on quality.

Catalina O’Connor, senior analyst at Canadean, said:

?Women are looking to find affordable offers that allow them to enjoy the drink often without feeling guilty about their spending. This makes an essential part of how marketers should target women?.

In comparison, men drink less wine than women, but spend more, with total sales of 18,000 million dollars in 2013, compared with 10,000 million dollars spent by women.

O’Connor explained:

?These results reflect a growing appreciation of wine among American men. Although beer is still likely to be the standard drink of men, an increasing number of men are looking for wines to find a premium experience with drinks, and to show their knowledge and refined taste?.

And she added:

?In short, while women are looking for wine to accompany their conversations while relaxing with family, for men, wine is conversation?.

Among both, men are more wine lovers and know their characteristics and different brands, while women seek to have a wine they like to relax without spending large sums of money in order to keep their accounts balanced.

Balance is everything. The ideal would be having quality wines for special occasions and affordable wines to relax after a strong work week. Just a moment! As the ones we recommend today!

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