Wines with the name of love for Valentine’s Day

by Arnaldo Alcón Cánovas

The power of love. Love for another person, for the family, for the vineyard itself. So it is not hard to find wines with love as part of its name. We present a few:

Te amo 2005

  • Vin de amorTe amo (I love you) 2005: When the winemaker Alfredo Roca got married in 2007, with Lorena, thought that one of the happiest days of his life should be celebrated with a special wine. So, he assembled a wine with his best variety grapes, Bonarda, Malbec and Merlot 2005. A very aromatic and sweet wine, well bodied, to celebrate their new life, and he shares it now saying, “With those who want to toast to love with a great wine.” 
  • Barra of Mendocino Muscat Canelli Vin de Amor (Love´s wine): Sailed each February, coinciding with Valentine’s Day, and this is a sweet, extremely fragrant and perfumed. In fact, the power of its aromas of tropical fruit is so suggestive that “You shall want to use this 2006 Barra of Mendocino Muscat Canelli Vin de Amor as a perfume,” according to the winery. 
  • One love2009 Artiste One Love: This wine is the result of an interesting experience in marketing at Santa Ynez valley, United States. The winery, Artiste, offers limited items assembled like wines from different countries (the One Love, indeed, pays homage to Spain), with labels designed by different impressionists painters. Moreover it even offers the ability to send the wine with blank stickers for everyone to design their own label. Do feel like making your own? 
  • Love my goatFinally, for the less romantic, we present the Love My Goat, from the Finger Lakes, for all those who have no partner on Valentine’s Day or for those who, although having it, want to demystify the date and remove the romantic touch. A white wine from the Finger Lakes, in the New York State, one of the areas where the winemaking is growing the most in recent years, especially as this aromatic white wine.

Valentine’s Day is going more institutionalized year by year, so it is important not to forget to have a detail with that person you love, otherwise you’ll finish toasting with “the goat”. And if you still have that special someone, you just have to say one thing: Cheers!

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